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In-house Lead Qualification Calculator


    1. Input the cost components associated with allocating a portion of your sales rep's annual time to cold calling.
    2. Input the number of leads and prospects that your advertising campaign yields.
    3. Click the Calculate button.


Cost Components

Setup and Material Development If you are going to create an in-house lead qualification staff, you are going to have to design call scripts as well as templates for faxing and mailing information to prospects to hold them over until a sales rep gets around to following up. You'll also need computers, software, a telephone system, and most likely a consultant to set everything up. A conservative estimate for the setup alone would be to prorate a $60,000 investment over 3 years.
Recruiting Costs If you have not recruited executive interviewers in the past, you will find it to be a time consuming task. Good interviewers are hard to find, and they rarely stick around very long. Expect to hire a replacement in less than one year.
Sales Rep Salary:     Divide the total annual compensation of your sales rep (include any anticipated commissions and bonuses) by the amount of time they spend cold calling.  We assume our rep's annual income is $70K and he spends 1 day per week prospecting.
Management:   Someone will have to manage your new in-house lead generation program. Training, technical support, literature fulfillment, sales pipeline management and reporting are just a few of the activities to oversee. Count on at least 25% of a manager's time.
Phone, Literature Fulfillment and Other Expenses:     You'll have telephone expenses and the cost of a contact management system. You'll also need to create a marketing database and purchase lists. You'll want to mail, fax, or email literature to qualified prospects to hold them over until a sales rep has time to follow-up.

Campaign Yield

Prospects:     Businesses classified as eligible buyers who have a use for your products and services.