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Trade Show Calculator


    1. Input the cost components associated with a single trade show.
    2. Input the number of leads and prospects that your advertising campaign yields.
    3. Click the Calculate button.

Cost Components

Booth Development:     Booth development typically costs around $10,000 for a 10x20.  Savvy booth developers will maximize this expense by extending its use over three years, exhibiting twice a year.  After tacking on expenses for renewed materials, graphics, give-aways, and entertainment, the allocated development cost per year typically amounts to around $4,000.
Management:   Salaries and travel expenses associated with planning and staffing the show.  Typically the fewer the shows attended, the more costly each show becomes as a result of inexperience and inefficiency.
Show Cost:     While the cost of rented booth space has recently gone down, $2,000 is the standard exhibition fee.
Follow-up:     We allocate about 15 minutes of our sales rep's time per lead to make a phone call and forward a letter and brochure.  Don't forget the sales material and telephone expenses.  At a sales rep's hourly wage equivalent of $35 per hour plus another $1.25 for materials and telephone, 150 trade show inquiries would cost $1,500 to follow-up on.

Campaign Yield

Prospects:     We estimate that a third of your trade show inquiries will turn into viable prospects.