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B2B marketers are challenged to develop the most cost effective program to funnel interested prospects to their sales team and channel partners.  FleetLeads is a unique technology platform for optimizing this process.


There are two common configurations explained in white papers available through these links.


    FleetLeads For Your Sales Force - Research shows that using our technology to qualify        
    leads and set up appointments increased face-to-face selling time by 35%.


    FleetLeads For Your Channel Partners - Research shows that clients using our technology
    improved the sales productivity of their channel partners by 23%.


Will FleetLeads deliver the promise of sales growth with no increased marketing expense?  The answer begins with a question: What is the cost per qualified prospect for your advertising, trade show, direct mail, and sales prospecting activities?  If you don’t know or if the cost is more than $45, FleetLeads warrants consideration.


Call us today to schedule a brief 20 minute online demonstration.  You can reach us at 1-800-542-8455.